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Wild Game Cook Book

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    Wild Game Meat Sucks!!! - Is What I hear often...

    Too many times I have had friends turn their noses up at eating wild game.  It's because it is either a scary thing to try something new or they have had a bad experience in the past. 

    But after I force them to try a bite, I usually hear "oh.... that is actually really good!"

    Wild game can be difficult to cook without the know-how and the lack of a good recipe.  So that is why I pulled my Top 50 Recipes that I use on a regular basis and shared them all with you!

    No more guessing on how to cook a piece of wild game you work so hard for.  We all know how rewarding it is to harvest an animal and bring that meal from field to table.   Now make sure you and your friends will enjoy that meal with one of my 50 delicious recipes. 

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