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I Will Help You

*Are you a hunter? 


*Do you want to go on your      first hunt?


*Do you want to be more    successful at hunting? 

*Do you want to be in the          10% of hunters who are              successful?


Let me tell you my story real quick.....

 I was lucky in the fact I grew up in a hunting family.  I grew up hunting whitetail, turkey, pheasants and quail in Nebraska.


So I was taught the basics of hunting, gun safety, shooting, tracking, etc...


I had a mentor from the time I was born (my Father). 


Even though my mentor,  sometimes had questionable hunting techniques, that I had to relearn when I was older.... haha that is another story for another time.


I guess I never realized how important and valuable a mentor was until I moved to Colorado in 2004.


What Clients Say

"When I first started hunting a few years ago, I was really intimidated trying to learn what I was doing as a complete beginner.
Thankfully, I found Kurt.  He's so supportive and didn't make me feel dumb when I asked a bunch of weird (and probably dumb) questions.
After a couple of year, I have a freezer full of meat, and tons of amazing hunting memories.  I owe most of that success to Kurt!"

Ben Dziwulski

How Can I Help You?

1-on-1 Coaching

Are you looking to be one of the 10% of hunters that are successful? Are you committed to learning as much as you can about hunting?

Imagine what it will feel like to have success on this next hunt.  Having the 1 on 1 mentorship that you have been missing to shorten the learning curve.  Start today to achieve your goals, and have a coach by your side.

Our expert coaches believe in your ability and give you all the support you need. Your achievements are our priority.  Click the button below to schedule  a free consultation call. 

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